EZ Wall

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Are you looking to build a retaining wall in the front yard without too much effort? Here’s how to build a retaining wall that’s inexpensive and requires little masonry skill - although you do need [...]


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Throughout most of the 20th century, asbestos products were hailed as a ‘wonder fiber’ that insulates up to intense temperature. Due to its outstanding resistance to heat, its fibrous structure and low cost - asbestos [...]

Oh Deer

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When the home inspector rounded the corner into a Pittsburg family room… He did a double-take, as a full size deer was staring at him. The inspector stared back. Definition of stare: To look directly, [...]


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As home inspector climbed onto the Lafayette roof - he saw that the spark-arrestor/raincap assembly was absent from the top of the chimney flue peeking over the roof ridge. At the top of roof ridge, [...]

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