During a Pleasant Hill home inspection, a section of the garage ceiling had been removed to work on plumbing pipes.

This was a two story house with a bedroom above the garage.

At first glance, it’s just a cosmetic condition – there’s a hole in the gypsum, sheetrock, drywall panel.

However, the home inspector would note in the inspection report, that this condition was a breach of the fire separation wall/ceiling between the garage and the interior of the house.

One of the requirements for a fire separation wall… is that no hole, void or gap larger than 1/8 inch is allowed.

The purpose of a fire wall/ceiling is to contain a fire to the garage and to give the home occupants time to escape by slowing down the progression of fire.

This won’t happen with a hole in the garage ceiling.

Do your home buying clients know the condition of the firewall?

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