As the Concord home inspector walked into the house, he noticed that some of the windows were ‘fogged’.

There’s a good chance windows have failed seals in homes built between 1986-1992 with dark frame dual pane windows.

During this time, window manufacturers didn’t have a good ‘recipe’ for making dual pane windows. Even today, a low quality window is susceptible to a failed seal.

The window seal is the perimeter spacer that keeps dual pane glass separated.

A hot sun can heat the air between the panes of glass, so the glass bows slightly outward and when the temperature cools at night, the window glass contracts. This is called solar pumping.

If cool moist air is present when a window is contracting, weak window seals fail, allowing moisture to enter the window.

The fogginess is dried moisture on the inside of the glass.

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