The garbage disposal is a device electrically powered and designed to shred food waste into tiny pieces small enough to pass through drain/waste plumbing.

The home inspector noted that the electrical black power cord passing through the bottom of a garbage disposal isn’t centered in the pass-through hole.

The power cord is missing a clamp or rubber grommet to keep the cord centered and away from the sharp edge of the housing.

Think about what you put under the kitchen sink: dish detergent, cleaning supplies, plastic containers, etc. Sometimes those items push against the power cord.

Over time it’s possible for the power cord insulation to chaff or wear through – the bottom line: an electrical power cord shorted to a metal housing and water don’t mix.

Did you know it takes about .015 amps (electrical current) across the heart to kill a person? There are approximately 1.5 amperes to the garbage disposal.

Take a minute to look under your garbage disposal.

Schedule an inspection – mention “I’d like a peace of mind inspection” – Save $25