Did you know that man-made fire logs aren’t known for the one thing that is often sought after when building a fire – They don’t produce heat?

Fire log production started in the 1960s when companies were seeking a way to dispose of sawdust waste.

They started combining sawdust and petroleum wax and extruded the mix into log like shapes. Fire logs are easy to light – leave little ash to clean up – have an attractive flame, which has made their use in fireplaces very popular.

When a savvy home inspector sees a Duraflame™ log – they’re going to take a cursory look inside the chimney flue and recommend review by a licensed chimney specialist – Why?

While pre-fabricated logs burn long and relative clean, they produce a wax-like build up that sticks to everything inside your chimney. This substance coats your flue tiles, lining, damper gears, chimney cap, everything… just like creosote from regular wood burning.

Burning too many Duraflame logs can create conditions for a chimney fire.

Schedule an inspection – mention “I’d like a peace of mind inspection” – Save $25