Many home inspectors take many photos on an inspection site and archive them in the event there’s a future complaint.

My mentor told me, that when an inspection photo is taken… be sure to ‘study it’, as there may other conditions in need of repair.

In this poor quality photo…

1) The wood support for the drain pipe is very creative… but doesn’t meet plumbing requirements for pipe support and the wood is in contact with the ground.

2) Peering through the dense cobwebs to the left, is a disconnected flexible lint duct… plus flexible lint ducts are not permitted in a crawlspace.

3) To the right of the wood pipe support is a corroded and leaking cast iron waste pipe… a health concern.

4) In the upper left corner is a copper pipe in contact with a galvanized steel pipe (at white wire loop). Copper and steel are dissimilar metals and corrosion is taking place.

5) You can’t see, but behind the cast iron pipe, there’s a loose support floor.

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