Home inspectors love their job and the best inspections stories seem to emerge from the crawlspace… you know, that dark and creepy space under the house where all the Dr Seuss critters hang out.

Deep into a Danville crawlspace, the inspector took this photo… A gecko?

Did you know:

  • Most geckos are nocturnal and there are over 800 different kinds
  • Geckos are among the most colorful lizards in the world
  • The toes of the gecko have millions of microscopic hairs on their which allow geckos to run up walls, windows and even defy gravity by walking upside down on ceilings
  • Geckos are carnivores and eat small insects – after eating, they clean their mouth with their tongue
  • Geckos are considered to be good luck in Hawaii

PS. The crawlspace gecko in the photo never moved while the inspector was nearby; not even when touched… come to think of it, it felt like plastic.

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