The home inspector opened a bedroom closet door in an older Hayward house and turned on the light switch.

The ceiling light fixture was missing its protective glass globe and two incandescent light bulbs were within inches of the stored clothes – too close for comfort.

The inspector Googled – ‘light bulb temperature’ – and the article said a 60 watt light bulb can have a surface temperature of 260 degrees.

If the closet light was left on all day, it’s possible for a fire to start.

Closet light fixture clearances require that all incandescent light bulbs be fully enclosed (glass globe) and that the incandescent light fixture be installed at least 12″ from stored items.

Seeing exposed light bulbs in bedroom closets or missing glass globes is fairly common in older houses. Today’s building requirements call for recessed lighting in closet ceilings.

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